About Us

 HighBridge USA is the official HighBridge Merch brand founded in 2015. A Miniority Owned Online Store, Based From The Bronx. HighBridge USA is a brand that represents the Streets & its voice! By using creativity & unique designs to uplift the community & be its voice thru apparel! Following the loss of a few of his neighborhood friends due to Gun Violence and Police Brutality among Incarceration & Poverty. Capo decided to use these disadvantages tragic situations to turn them into a positive rather than encourage retaliation which will ultimately cause more violence in the community. This brand was created with the intentions to keep their legacies alive forever, along with the others who have been taken from us due to the streets. A brand that encourages the practice of strong unity, independence, and teamwork back into the neighborhood in hopes to clear up the dark clouds that stand over every neighborhood & ghetto of poverty around the world. Clothing is only the tip of the iceberg, HighBridge USA is working hard to becoming a well established Minority owned company in the music & the film industry as well etc. Every single person in the brand has been hand selected to bring something totally different to the table, also giving them a lane to succeed in their own right! Come meet the team & join the movement! #HighBridgeUSA

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